Lantern Evening

Lantern Evening

Gatehouse New Fictions #3: Lantern Evening - a novella by Amanthi Harris

Gatehouse New Fictions #3: Lantern Evening - a novella by Amanthi Harris

‘No one knows what it’ll be like, Baby. You have to trust me. And I have to trust you.’

Nearing her due date, Ria worries about the kind of mother she will be, fearing she lacks the maternal instincts of other women. All the while she reflects on her childhood in Sri Lanka, her parent’s dysfunctional relationship, and the Vesak celebrations when their marriage fell apart.

As we move between that fateful evening and the final days of her maternity, Lantern Evening reminds us that it is in weakness and vulnerability that parenting is often at its most effective. Amanthi Harris’s debut acts on the reader like a lantern in the night sky: shining companionship in uncertainty, offering steady faith in a brighter tomorrow.

'A beautiful, affecting, delicately written narrative that subtly and constantly blurs the boundary between the ordinary and the momentous.' – Amit Chaudhuri

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