Suffolk Bang

Suffolk Bang

The debut pamphlet of poetry by Adam Warne. 'Resourceful and deviant' - Jeff Hilson

Suffolk Bang is now sold out. 


A cheese so hard you can use it as a hammer, green children who only eat broad beans, and the devil himself: all these and more throw their long shadows across the country lives conjured by Adam Warne in his debut pamphlet. In poems cut and spliced together like mix-tape samples of a troubled history, voices from a vanished world draw closer, all the more real for their verbal energy and impending erasure. Drawing on both folklore and ethnographic study of his native Suffolk, Warne opens a dark and mesmerising window into a past filled with rural poverty, hard labour, and the ghosts of things and beings better left unnamed.

These fractured poems or "spooked songs" are like stop-and-start folk tales, rich in lived detail and remembered lore. Resourceful and deviant - "like slipping pike in the tea water" - they are also completely nostalgia-free. Come in, come in, but mind the sparks! - Jeff Hilson

Adam Warne channels his rural ancestry and edges it into spells and riddles.  Unlike the eponymous fearsome sounding cheese these are delightful and delicious bite size poems which are utterly moreish.  - Geraldine Monk