Lighthouse Issue 16 PDF

Lighthouse Issue 16 PDF

Implosion: featuring the work of Juha Virtanen, Selma Carvalho, Adam Warne, Laura Seymour and many more, issue 16 uses the theme of implosion to look at how the arts can keep the universe together when it seems like everything is collapsing in on itself.

A brand new issue of our award-winning journal, 96 pages packed with the best new writing from the UK and beyond.

Prose and Poetry by: Julia Armfield, Miranda Barnes, Dmitry Blizniuk, Francesca Brooks, Joe Carrick-Varty, Selma Carvalho, Rachael Clyne, Jen Cooper, Peter Daniels, Max Eevi, S.P. Hannaway, Chris Newlove Horton, P B Hughes, Joanna Ingham, Doug Jones, Paddy Landy, Martin Malone, Richie McCaffery, Beth McDonough, C.D. Rose, Elisabeth Sennitt Clough, Laura Seymour, James Stradner, Adam Warne, Emily Willis, Reuben Woolley

Features by: Megan Hunter, Damon King, Michael Naghten Shanks, Luiza Sauma; with an editorial by Juha Virtanen

Art by: Shevaughn Munro