Figment Music

Figment Music

A sizzling, energetic debut pamphlet of work in sonnet form by Beau Hopkins.

‘If not in speech, in tuned vision maybe’: Figment Music, Beau Hopkins’ debut pamphlet, reveals a new poetic voice fizzing with energy. Hopkins’ work shows a unique eye for the cadences and rhythms that ripple beneath the surface of the everyday, creating timeless images in the midst of fractured, musical glimpses into the language of the moment.

Here, his energetic sonnet sequence sets the contemporary and the classic in tension, giving voice to the pervasive, subtle energy of the form: Hopkins’ incisive wit sidesteps convention to make his sonnets ring out as ‘an unclean song, a freighter of love’. Effortlessly playful and philosophical, these poems crackle with an irrepressible polyphony, each new voice straining for a moment of grace that comes ‘like understanding, / suddenly, by heart, & jars us with its stars.’

About the Author:

The son of American immigrants, Beau Hopkins grew up in the Thames valley in Oxfordshire. He read French and Spanish at St Catherine’s College, Oxford, then studied for an MA in Creative Writing at the University of East Anglia. His poems and translations have appeared in numerous magazines, websites and anthologies. He currently reports on High Court and Court of Appeal cases for legal publications. He lives in North Norfolk.