Splitfish (2013)

Divided into four strands, Splitfish explores themes of violence, mental illness and, ultimately, recovery and renewal, without recourse to sentimentality.

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Broadcasting (2013)

In 1942 villages were chosen for requisition by the Armed Forces. Broadcasting features real and imaginary villagers who gave up their homes and their land with less than 21 days notice.

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House of the Deaf Man

House of the Deaf Man (2012)

Artist Tom de Freston and poet Andrea Porter explore the dark images Goya created on the walls of his house Quinta del Sordo.

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Another Use of Canvas

Another Use of Canvas (2011)

In addition to being a wrestler, Angus Sinclair is a photo-artist and a graduate of the Norwich College of Arts.

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Bridge (2010)

Bridge is the product of the third Café Writers Norfolk Commission; an annual competition open to graduates from a creative writing based course at Norwich School of Art and Design and the UEA.

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Strangers Hall

Strangers Hall (2009)

Strangers Hall is the 2009 Norfolk Commission Winner Meirion Jordan’s poetic exploration of the history of Norwich based on the musuem at Strangers Hall.

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Shuck, Hick, Tiffey!

Shuck, Hick, Tiffey! (2008)

Author: George Szirtes, music by Ken Crandell.

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As the Crow Flies

As the Crow Flies (2008)

Gatehouse Press is proud to announce the successful launch of their latest publication; ‘As The Crow Flies’ by Jo Kjaer.

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Lunatic Moon

Lunatic Moon (2006)

Jenny Morris was born in North Yorkshire and spent some of her childhood in Scotland. She writes poems and fiction.

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Fool’s World – Helen Ivory & Tom de Freston

Fool’s World – Helen Ivory & Tom de Freston (2015)

A tarot pack collaboration between artist Tom de Freston and poet Helen Ivory. Stunning and disturbing, these cards are a unique example of ekphrasis.

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And After This I Saw

And After This I Saw (2014)

And After This I Saw is an experimental translation from the work of Julian of Norwich. Kelly approaches the text with a poetic ear and makes the work fresh and visceral. This is the first in a series of Lighthouse pamphlets.

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Intae the Snaw

Intae the Snaw (2015)

Translator and poet Thomas Clark takes us on a journey that explores the new linguistic neighbourhood of Scots in the 21st Century.

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Riverine (2015)

Drawing on her native Liverpool and roaming into surreal, formless space, Rees’ subtle voice and acute intellect are effortlessly displayed in these poems.

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Dark Pool Ripple

Dark Pool Ripple (2016)

Mike Saunders draws out verse into long columns that sink gradually deeper into memories of money and power, probing the ways they propagate through every part of us.

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A Season in Eden

A Season in Eden (2016)

This second collection of poems by Peter Daniels moves through seasons of innocence and experience, looking at being English, being queer, at whatever there is Out There.

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A Season in Eden & Broadcasting – Bundle Offer

A Season in Eden & Broadcasting – Bundle Offer (2018)

A limited chance to get two groundbreaking collections by Gatehouse poets, for only £12.50!

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Threading a Dream: A Poet on the Nile

Threading a Dream: A Poet on the Nile (2017)

This rich and thoughtful memoir by critically acclaimed poet John Greening interweaves prose, verse and illustration to tell the story of his journey towards his first collection, Westerners.

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Figment Music

Figment Music (2018)

A sizzling, energetic debut pamphlet of work in sonnet form by Beau Hopkins.

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If I Talked Everything My Eyes Saw

If I Talked Everything My Eyes Saw (2017)

Complete Works poet Natacha Bryan’s first pamphlet. “spellbinding incantations that transmute trauma” – Pascale Petit

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Suffolk Bang

Suffolk Bang (2018)

The debut pamphlet of poetry by Adam Warne. ‘Resourceful and deviant’ – Jeff Hilson

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