Dancing on the Doorstep

Dancing on the Doorstep (2019)

Dancing on the Doorstep is Tom Corbett’s recall of long-term memory, bringing back to life a Liverpool long since disappeared: a city of industry, abject poverty, community but above all this love.

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Girl, Falling by P.B. Hughes

Girl, Falling by P.B. Hughes (2019)

How do we experience violence, exclusion, gender bias? What is it like to face the horizon, the word ‘no’, the full stop?

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Suffolk Bang

Suffolk Bang (2018)

The debut pamphlet of poetry by Adam Warne. ‘Resourceful and deviant’ – Jeff Hilson

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And After This I Saw

And After This I Saw (2014)

And After This I Saw is an experimental translation from the work of Julian of Norwich. Kelly approaches the text with a poetic ear and makes the work fresh and visceral. This is the first in a series of Lighthouse pamphlets.

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Intae the Snaw

Intae the Snaw (2015)

Translator and poet Thomas Clark takes us on a journey that explores the new linguistic neighbourhood of Scots in the 21st Century.

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Dark Pool Ripple

Dark Pool Ripple (2016)

Mike Saunders draws out verse into long columns that sink gradually deeper into memories of money and power, probing the ways they propagate through every part of us.

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A Season in Eden

A Season in Eden (2016)

This second collection of poems by Peter Daniels moves through seasons of innocence and experience, looking at being English, being queer, at whatever there is Out There.

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Figment Music

Figment Music (2018)

A sizzling, energetic debut pamphlet of work in sonnet form by Beau Hopkins.

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