Lighthouse Issue 9

Lighthouse Issue 9

Issue #9, fatter than ever and for the same price! Just £5 for 95 pages!

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Issue #9, fatter than ever and for the same price, goes to Oulipo and b-yond with features from Bloodaxe poets Heidi Williamson & Helen Ivory; Lighthouse regular Paul Stephenson in debate with a translator & Chris Astwood tackling the limitations of language. Poems and Short Fiction from Tim Youngs, John Saul and more.

96 pages for £5; see why our readers voted for us as Best Magazine in the 2015 Saboteur Awards.

Prose & Poetry by: Vasiliki Albedo Bennu, Michael Brown, R.S.W. de Mox, Sarah Evans, Ailsa Holland, Matt Howard, Tim MacGabhann, Emma Mackilligin, Amy McCauley, Beth McDonough, Christopher Mulrooney, Wendy Orr, Mark Russell, John Saul, Kim Sherwood, James Sykes, Pam Thompson, Russell J Turner, Adam Warne, Rhys Owain Williams, Cat Woodward, Tim Youngs

Features by: Chris Astwood, Tom de Freston & Helen Ivory, Paul Stephenson & Rilke Greenth, Heidi Williamson

Art by: Rachel Smith