New Fiction Prize 2020

New Fictions Prize, 2020

CLOSING DATE: 04-09-2020

Gatehouse Press are excited to announce the opening of submissions for the 2020 New Fiction series.

With a word limit of between 8000 and 12,000 words, the open submission process seeks to encourage new writers to explore the possibilities of length within the short fiction genre. The winning stories will be published as part of Gatehouse Press’ upcoming New Fictions series in 2021.

The New Fictions Prize provides a crucial platform for emerging writers who are able to redefine the limits of the short fiction genre.


Previous winners include:

Preti Taneja won in 2014 for her story Kumkum Malhotra went onto win the 2018 Desmond Elliott prize for her debut novel We That Are Young with Galley Beggar Press, and Kumkum Malhotra was adapted for live performance with Story Machine Productions (2018)


Amanthi Harris won in 2015 for her story Lantern Evening. Her debut novel Beautiful Place was published by Salt in 2019 and Lantern Evening was adapted for ReverbRadio in spring 2020.

‘Absolutely the best thing I ever did! It is entirely thanks to winning this competition with my novella Lantern Evening that my novel Beautiful Place was sent on its way!’ Amanthi Harris


Rules for Submissions

1. Submissions must take the form of a single work of prose fiction of between 8000 and 12,000 words. Submissions should be typed, double-spaced, set in Times New Roman 12pt and include the work’s title and a page number on every page. AUTHOR’S NAME MUST NOT APPEAR ON THE WORK. (See pt6).

2. Submissions must form a single self-contained work of between 8000 and 12,000 words. The prize is not open to extracts from a larger work, or multiple separate stories.

3. The Gatehouse Press judging panel will choose a selection or single winner. The panel reserves the right not to select any work for publication if they judge that no work submitted has attained a sufficiently high standard.

4. All submissions must be sent as Word doc or PDF to the following address:

5. All submissions must reach Gatehouse Press by 5pm on the closing date for submissions, Friday 4th September 2020.

6. Authors submitting work must include the following information in the body of the email NOT THE MANUSCRIPT:

Their name;

The title of the work submitted;

A valid contact address within the UK;

A UK contact telephone number.

This data will be kept on record for the duration of the prize and only used prize administration. All data, including work will be later deleted and not kept on record.

7. Submissions must be anonymised; authors’ names must not appear anywhere in the text of a submission except on the cover sheet for their work. To ensure fairness we regret that any work that does not follow this rule will not be considered eligible for selection.

8. Work that has been published elsewhere, in whole or in part, is not eligible for submission. This includes work that has appeared in magazines, self published books and/or downloads or online.

9. We regret that we cannot consider overseas submissions; we expect authors submitting work to be normally resident within the UK. Within the bounds of reasonable possibility, writers should be available to attend launches, readings and events within the UK to represent themselves and their work.

10. Gatehouse press will announce the selected authors towards the end of 2020. Authors who have been selected will be contacted by telephone or by email. Those who have not been contacted by the end of 2020 should assume that their work has not been successful in the 2020 submission period.

11. The decision of the Gatehouse judging panel is final. We regret that we cannot enter into any correspondence in regards to submitted work or the decisions of the panel.

12. Winners will have their story published as a book with a disctinct ISBN and recieve 25 free copies with an authors discount of 33% on all further copies. There is no cash prize or advance. The work will remain the copyright of the author under the agreement that the story is not published elsewhere within 18 months of publication with Gatehouse Press.