Writing Submission Guidelines

If you want to submit work to Lighthouse (and we’d very much like you to), we ask that you submit your work to us by email and familiarise yourself with our submission guidelines.

What kind of work is Lighthouse looking for?

The editorial team consider all work received and accept that which seems best. Our journal is aimed at a UK readership who enjoy the best and most innovative contemporary fiction and poetry, and this is reflected in the work we publish. If you’re uncertain about what our readers enjoy, we encourage you to read some of the work we’ve already published. We regret that the volume of submissions received and the small size of our staff do not permit us to give individual criticism.

Who are Lighthouse hoping to get submissions from?

We are a journal devoted to promoting and showcasing new writing. Although we expect that many of our contributors will not have many previous publications, in order to retain our focus on writers at an earlier stage of their careers we should note that we will not normally print unsolicited submissions from writers with more developed literary careers:

Note that these are not absolutes, and that we make editorial judgements on a case-by-case basis. If you have already published work with a mainstream press, it might be worth contacting us in advance of your submission so that we can give proper consideration to how your work would fit with our journal.

Word Length and Formatting

Does Lighthouse accept previously published material?

No. We cannot consider anything that has been previously published or accepted for publication, anywhere, in any form. Work that has appeared online is considered to have been previously published and should not be submitted. We do not consider simultaneous submissions.

Does Lighthouse pay for contributions?

Sadly not. Contributors will get a free copy of the journal in which they appear and will be offered the chance to buy further copies at a reduced contributors’ rate.

When should I submit my work to Lighthouse?

We have regular submission windows for submitting work to Lighthouse; these are advertised on our  our Facebook page, and Twitter. Themes for each issue will also be announced on Facebook and Twitter – but we will always favour quality over theme.

We do ask that you refrain from multiple submissions, and that you limit your submissions to our journal to once per issue. We encourage quality in submissions over quantity, and we appreciate the time you take to ensure that your work is at its best before you submit it.

When will I hear back?

We try to accept or reject work within three months of receiving it, but please bear with us if it takes a little longer.

When will my work appear?

We try to fit submissions to the issue closest to their submission date/window, however, we may hold submissions for later issues for reasons of space or ‘fit’ with each issue’s theme. If this happens we will contact you and ask your permission.

What file types can I submit?

Please submit files in one of the following formats only:

Please include all writer contact info on the first page of the submitted file. Please include a fifty word bio.

How do I submit my work to Lighthouse?

Please email submissions@lighthouse.gatehousepress.com with your work attached with either “Poetry Submission” or  “Flash Submission” or “Prose Submission” as the email subject as appropriate. By submitting to Lighthouse you are confirming that you have read and understood the guidelines on this page.