Lighthouse is a journal published quarterly to give space and support to new talent. We look to publish the best short fiction and poetry emerging from the UK writing scene.

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Lighthouse Issue 15

Lighthouse Issue 15 (2017)

The Queer Issue: featuring the work of Sophie Robinson, Harry Giles, Megan Crosbie, Tom Payne and many more...

from £6.30

Lighthouse Issue 14

Lighthouse Issue 14 (2017)

Themed around the idea of History and featuring the work of Benjamin Hinshaw, Sarah Bower, Chris Astwood, Kaddy Benyon and many more...

from £6.30

If I Talked Everything My Eyes Saw

If I Talked Everything My Eyes Saw (2017)

Complete Works poet Natacha Bryan’s first pamphlet. "spellbinding incantations that transmute trauma" - Pascale Petit

from £7.20

Lighthouse Issue 13

Lighthouse Issue 13 (2016)

Themed around the idea of 'FUN' and featuring the work of Desiree Reynolds, Jeff Hilson, Martin Monahan, Nia Davies and many more...

from £6.30

Dark Pool Ripple

Dark Pool Ripple (2016)

Mike Saunders draws out verse into long columns that sink gradually deeper into memories of money and power, probing the ways they propagate through every part of us.

from £7.20

Lighthouse Issue 12

Lighthouse Issue 12 (2016)

from £6.30

Lighthouse Issue 11

Lighthouse Issue 11 (2016)

Guest edited by Anna Reckin and Angus Sinclair. Packed with prose and poetry, this is an exciting engagement with one of the most pressing issues of out time.

from £6.20


Riverine (2015)

Drawing on her native Liverpool and roaming into surreal, formless space, Rees' subtle voice and acute intellect are effortlessly displayed in these poems.

from £7.70

Lighthouse Issue 10

Lighthouse Issue 10 (2015)

Lighthouse Issue 10 brings you 96 pages of literary loveliness all for just £5 + P&P.

from £6.30

Lighthouse Issue 8

Lighthouse Issue 8 (2015)

The eighth issue of the Gatehouse Press literary journal released May 2015.

from £6.20

And After This I Saw

And After This I Saw (2014)

And After This I Saw is an experimental translation from the work of Julian of Norwich. Kelly approaches the text with a poetic ear and makes the work fresh and visceral. This is the first in a series of Lighthouse pamphlets.

from £7.70

Lighthouse Issue 5

Lighthouse Issue 5 (2014)

The fifth issue of the Gatehouse Press literary journal now available as a PDF download for just £1!


Lighthouse Issue 4

Lighthouse Issue 4 (2014)

The fourth issue of the Gatehouse Press literary journal now available as a PDF download for just £1!


Lighthouse Issue 3

Lighthouse Issue 3 (2013)

Issue #3 takes a critical look at collaboration, has two lyrical essays by Elizabeth Reeder & stories / poems aplenty + Lefty Le Mur illustrations.

from £4.20

Lighthouse Issue 2

Lighthouse Issue 2 (2013)

The second issue of Lighthouse was launched on 29th July 2013 with almost 20 contributions and features from Tim Love and issue 2 lead editors Julia Webb and Anna De Vaul.

from £4.20

Lighthouse Issue 1

Lighthouse Issue 1 (2013)

The first issue of Lighthouse, released 5th March 2013, featured poetry, prose and illustrations from over a dozen contributors with special features by Andrew McDonnell, Meirion Jordan and Sam Riviere.



If you want to submit work for inclusion in Lighthouse (and we'd very much like you to), we ask that you use our online submission form and familiarise yourself with our submission guidelines. These are intended to make it possible for us, as editors, to read through as many pieces of work as carefully and as thoroughly as we can in the time we have available to us.

We are all very passionate about writing here at Lighthouse and we'd like the work of everyone who sends us submissions to have the same basic chance to show its interest and quality to us. Given that we, as editors, work on a voluntary basis, the electronic submission form and the guidelines are an important part of our efforts to ensure that this happens.

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