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New books for Summer 2016 – ‘Fierce Light’ feat. Paul Muldoon, Jackie Kay, Daljit Nagra and more, plus ‘Shed’ by Martin Figura and Natty Peterkin

June brings new poetry offerings from Gatehouse Press.

Fierce Light

Fierce Light explores the changes wreaked on our world by World War One, how it reached beyond politics, economics and technology into the very fabric of our daily lives, our communities and relationships. It was the artists of that war – perhaps the poets above all – who took on the challenge to make sense of a world transformed almost beyond recognition.

To commemorate the centenary anniversary of the Battle of the Somme, Fierce Light brings together outstanding poets from the UK and around the world to look once more at the legacy of battle, the forces changing our world, and the struggles we face to make sense of them. Featuring new poems by Yrsa Daley Ward, Jackie Kay, Bill Manhire, Paul Muldoon and Daljit Nagra.


In Shed, award winning poet and photographer, Martin Figura, follows the strange but familiar place of the shed as it morphs from ‘facedown book’ to ‘Wunderkammer, spider’s web, matryoshka’ in a witty and mercurial investigation of Shedness.

Beautifully illustrated by Natty Peterkin

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