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Nominate Fool’s World to the Ted Hughes Award

“The Ted Hughes award: it’s fantastic that an award exists like this that recognises poetry’s journeying across the art forms.” Jackie Kay, Judge

Dear friends,

we think Fool’s World is a unique poetry project that would fit with the Ted Hughes Awards remit for original approaches to poetry.

If you are a member of the Poetry Society and wish to nominate us, please follow the instructions here:

We’d be eternally grateful.

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Posted 6 years ago

3 comments on “Nominate Fool’s World to the Ted Hughes Award”

Collaboration, oh yes.

Posted 6 years ago by Dave Hubble

This is a very innovative and not only poetry but mixed media of significant quality and impact.

Posted 6 years ago by Lindsay Piper

Although it comes in a box it’s hard to put this magnum opus into one, its like the Dali deck grew a voice, an ekphrastic poetry masterpiece.

Posted 6 years ago by Grant Tarbard

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