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Fool’s World – A Tarot | Helen Ivory & Tom de Freston


Fool’s world – Tom de Freston & Helen Ivory

Gatehouse Press are thrilled to announce the publication of Fool’s World, a collaboration between poet Helen Ivory (Bloodaxe) and artist Tom de Freston (Breese Little Gallery). Their aim was to produce a deck of cards that simultaneously functioned as a tarot of the major arcana and an artistic interpretation of the themes and archetypes within.

Sometimes funny, sometimes disturbing, but always beautiful, the art and poems take the reader somewhere new through the process of ekphrasis.

Each card is printed on high quality rigid board and comes in its own foil stamped box. The finish is stunning, and these will be limited to 300 copies, so order now in the shop before they are all snapped up.

Each deck retails at £20 plus p&p.

Posted 1 year ago

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[…] as my mother’s roast beef to get everything you want and need to say crammed in. Although Fool’s World comes in a box, it’s hard to put this magnum opus into one. It’s as if the Dali deck […]

Posted 1 year ago by Fool’s World – A Tarot: The Major Arcana by Helen Ivory & Tom de Freston | Sabotage

Presented in a padded box, like a coffin, this rarity is spell-binding. The poet’s text is challenging and the graphic artist’s work with the images combine to demand a close scrutiny. This is not an easy process but is an education for the reader. I think the creators of this original oeuvre deserve recognition for their serious attempt at ‘otherworldliness’.

Posted 1 year ago by M. Easby

A wonderful set of tarot cards . Love my copy well presented in a lovely box beautiful paintings and poems

Posted 1 year ago by Janis Cauthery

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