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Gatehouse Press Publish Intae the Snaw by Thomas Clark

Gatehouse Press are pleased to announce the publication of Intae the Snaw by Selkirk FC’s poet in residence, Thomas Clark.

In this daring first pamphlet, translator and poet Thomas Clark takes us on a journey that explores the new linguistic neighbourhood of Scots in the 21st Century. In these imaginative re-workings of poetry from across the world, images as diverse as Bede’s deathbed and the mountain temples of China are rendered into vibrant Scots verse. Mixing laconic wit and sparse formal elegance in its travels from classical Chinese poetry to South America by way of Old English, Clark’s poetry gives us a fresh angle on literary Scots that makes a stimulating challenge to language from both sides of the border.

“To sing of homesickness for a home you haven’t yet left; the loss of a love who hasn’t quite gone; these are things so quintessentially Scottish it’s hard to believe they ever happened anywhere else. Yet here we are. Here, in many ways, is the voice of modern Scotland before Scotland had even started to exist.”

“This is an important collection that timeously re-establishes the pouer, virr an smeddum o the Scots language!” – Rab Wilson

“Tammas Clark takes the bonnie broukit bairn that is the Scots and blaws new life intae the hail clanjamfrie.” – Matthew Fitt

Thomas Clark is a Glaswegian poet, writer and journalist. He works extensively in translation, and has produced Scots renderings of Alice in Wonderland, Beowulf and Martial’s Epigrams amongst others. In 2015, he became Scottish football’s first ever poet-in-residence when he was appointed club poet by Selkirk FC. His work has been praised by William McIlvanney as “Glasgow reflected in a broken mirror through shards of memory, anecdote and place”.


Intae the Snaw is available from the shop priced at £6.50 plus p&p.

Posted 6 years ago

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