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Kumkum Malhotra: the London Launch

Gatehouse are pleased to announce that Preti Taneja is launching Kumkum Malhotra at Feminist Epic at Toynbee Studios on Commercial St, London Review of Books:

We think Kumkum is a great story, but don’t just take it from us, Stella Duffy thinks it’s fab too:

“Preti Taneja’s beautiful novella is evocative, elegant, sparse and yet enormously full…Inclusive and deeply engaging, all of it woven from a single loose thread.” – Stella Duffy

The event starts at 18:00

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[…] Preti is Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Global Shakespeare at Queen Mary, University of London and Warwick University, where she works on Shakespeare performances in relation to human rights abuses and in humanitarian situations. Current projects are in Serbia, Kosovo, Syria, Jordan and Kashmir. She is an AHRC/ BBC Radio 3 New Generation Thinker,  and a Fellow Commoner at Jesus College, Cambridge University.  She is also the editor of Visual Verse, an online anthology of art and words. As a human rights advocate she co founded ERA Films, working on issues as diverse as Iraq’s refugee crisis, in Rwanda with survivors of the genocide and with women in slum areas of Nairobi, Kenya. Her fiction film and documentary work with Ben Crowe is critically acclaimed and her first novella ‘Kumkum Malhotra’ is out now from Gatehouse Press. […]

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