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LIGHTHOUSE Pamphlet #1


We are pleased to announce the first of our LIGHTHOUSE pamphlets, Edwin Kelly’s ‘And After This I Saw’ with launches in both Norwich and London.

Kelly’s translation asks: What if we thought of God as distress and not comfort? In this new selected edition of the works of Julian of Norwich, poet Edwin Kelly brings us a fresh take on the experiences that Julian recorded so passionately after rising from what she believed was her deathbed.

Kelly explores how the difficulty of approaching God in language can become an integral part of the process of revelation, and, through interleaving different  manuscript versions of Julian’s work, leads us on a journey that entwines the history of the Showing of Love with its physical presence. Sometimes raw and gripping, sometimes tender, Kelly’s versions of Julian’s work reveal the poetry that lies in Julian’s search for meaning in her visions.

Edwin Kelly grew up in Limerick, Ireland, but now lives in Dublin. His poems and translations have appeared in the UK and Ireland. He studied creative writing on the MA programme at the University of East Anglia, and is the writing editor for the translation website VerseJunkies.

We are launching the publication at Lambeth Palace, London on Monday 27th of October at 6pm and at The Julian Centre at 7pm, Norwich, on Tuesday 28th October.

Posted 7 years ago

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