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Lighthouse 5: A Taste of the Summer Issue

Lighthouse Issue 5 is here! Fresh from some serious critical acclaim in the Best British Short Stories 2014 anthology, we’re turning up the heat with a full 80 pages of stories, poems and essays on our theme of translation. With brilliant contributions from George Szirtes, Edwin Kelly, Julianne Pachico, Madeleine Kruhly and many more, you can guarantee that it’ll be the perfect size to entertain you on holiday this summer.

But you shouldn’t just take our word for it. Here’s a taste of what we’ve got in store in Issue 5: two poems from the brilliant young poet Nathaniel King, one of which you can only find here online.


Nathaniel King

Five Variations on Exodus


i was out there last night , furrowing my chest
over the price of dandelion-leaves. in the
reeds i caught a fish, scaling the depths of
egypt. the next day it vomited salt.


at nights i write to you, and wake up
on fire, ruptured in the sea-tress beneath
your thigh. the walls swim sometimes
as if they might evaporate.


you keep a string within your
back, a taut wire set to monkey
hand-claps — i can see it through
your spine. unspool.


sometimes your eyes are
a heron-fleet crossing the dead
sea. moses wept his way to exile,
we swam there on a whaleheart.


bring your breath back to me.
the darkness has been sacked, curtains
lit. no-moon is a bone. dogs chase their
brains. the night smarts & blinks out



In Rome


royal jane,
a globular of candle wax orbiting

she went tarrying up the pews, eyes
by their twelfth confession.

‘jobe got socks on now’
she fed her kids
on nerve-salt and fennel,

hid them in washing bins
and powdered their

each night she
bathed her brain
in camphor oil,

cried beneath
apricots & fell

in pits
of turpentine

ordering cafe-au-lait
one day,
a scandinavian

greets her with a child
on a leash, and says;

is this yours?


Featuring in Lighthouse 5:

Prose and Poetry: Zakariya ‘Che’ Amataya, Thomas Clark, Emma Cleary, Neele Dellschaft, Ned Denny, Stephen Devereux, Petra Kamula, Nathaniel King, Madeleine Kruhly, Kiran Millwood Hargrave, Elodie Olson-Coons, Julianne Pachico, Rachel Smith, Cutter Streeby, Annette Volfing, with illustrations by Gabrielle Walker
Features: George Szirtes , Edwin Kelly, Valentina Konstantinidi & Paul Stephenson, B.J. Epstein

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