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To the Lighthouse!

Over the coming weeks as I understand it, flashes of light will be cast on Gatehouse’s new magazine project, as The Lighthouse keepers come forward and introduce themselves: I am Angus Sinclair. I will be part of the rotating editorial team in this new endeavour. I am currently completing my MA in Creative Writing Poetry at the University of East Anglia, and my pamphlet, Another Use of Canvas was published by Gatehouse Press in 2011.

The second section of Larkin’s triptych Livings shows us the imagined life of a lighthouse keeper. It begins:

Seventy feet down
The sea explodes upwards,
Relapsing, to slaver
Off landing-stage steps –
Running suds, rejoice!

In due time each member of the editorial team will be required to climb the steps to the top of The Lighthouse, man the lamp, and hopefully guide some great new writing to the landing-stage steps. The unique thing about The Lighthouse is that we’re all emerging writers ourselves; we know how rough the waters are out there, the feeling of being shipwrecked.

As such we will operate in a democratic manner in hope that our light reaches as far as possible. We’re not here to be a lifeboat for a poetics or aesthetic, we simply want to cast our light upon the ‘leather-black waters’ and seek good new writing wherever it occurs. To facilitate this we’ll be speaking to course leaders in creative writing departments to see how we can work together, organising readings for our writers, and looking to provide additional web content through the Gatehouse Press website.

But it’s early in the morning, and there is much to be done before we climb those stairs and fire up the lamp. We’ll keep you informed of our progress.


Posted 9 years ago

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