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Gatehouse Workshop

Gatehouse Press at the Writers’ Centre

As part of our support for local writing, Gatehouse Press has regularly provided courses and workshops aimed at developing writers.  These sessions have taken place in schools, adult education centres, and at the Norwich Writers’ Centre.  In this way, Gatehouse Press has published or tutored around 300 different writers.

Currently Gatehouse runs workshops every Thursday for writing groups at the Writers’ Centre Norwich.  In order to respect the experience and approach of existing groups, membership of the groups is by invitation.  But new writers are always welcome, and you are asked to make yourselves known to us via our contact page, or call us on 07831 364 021.

It would help if you could say something about  your experience as a writer.

The cost for a term of 10 sessions (each of 2.5 hours) is £100, but the workshops are not intended to be a profit-making enterprise.  We look forward to hearing from you.

Posted 9 years ago

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