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Stephen Siddall’s Festival offering was well worth the trip.  The Monarch of Wit is billed as “a celebration of the life and mind of John Donne”.  Using Donne’s own words throughout, it takes a 50-minute trip through the world of one of English literature’s more passionate characters.  James Clarkson as Donne captures his battered soul well, better in his evening years than his ardent youth.  If you want a chance to see a performance, enquire in Cambridge at


Electric Landscape brought together readings by Peter Scupham and Heidi Williamson, both committed to seeing the world through poet’s eyes.  “Electric” isn’t perhaps the right word to describe the contemplative attention which each of these Norfolk poets gives to place, person, incident.  Scupham makes words work, not by any forced stretching, but with subtly arresting conjunction.  Williamson brings the listener/reader into her world by similar gentle paths of recognition.  Seek them out!

Posted 10 years ago

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