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Hand + Star reviews Another Use of Canvas

Jon Stone of the popular online compendium of new writing and literary reviews, Hand + Star have reviewed our latest publication, Angus Sinclair’s debut “Another Use of Canvas“.

It’s been heartening to witness the rise of a new kind of poetry pamphlet in recent years, one which, rather than simply showcasing a poet’s ability, constitutes an entire, fully-realised micro-collection, where the shorter page count acts as concentrating lens, focusing the poet’s powers on a specific strategy. Angus Sinclair’s debut consists exclusively of poems about professional wrestling. His skills as a poet are already well-developed and it’s apparent from early on in the collection that capturing crisp, emotionally resonant details with the sting of authenticity isn’t much of a problem for him. As well as the ring, poems take place before and after bouts, documenting the preparation and aftermath.

Read this review in full on the Hand + Star website.

Posted 10 years ago

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